Yet in this sea of a city, it can be difficult to find the kind of Seattle singles you’re looking for.

While it can have its ups and downs, Seattle is currently booming!

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For busy Seattle singles, meeting someone is not as easy as it sounds.

When you reach the stage where you actually want to settle down, it’s time to get serious about your dating methods.

Elite Singles was created to provide a meeting place for like-minded singles to find each other, and takes the guess-work out of traditional dating.

Our online dating platform uses intelligent matchmaking that enables you to outline exactly what it is you’re searching for so we can help you find it!

Well, why not see it how it’s meant to be seen - in the movie theater on the big screen with the big speakers!

Central Cinema is a great venue for Seattle's new couples to get to know each other. Central Cinema also offers regular quiz night events, perfect for when you're ready to introduce your new partner to friends!

Now there’s a way to impress your date with something a bit different!

Everyone has that one ‘cult classic’ film that they actually have never got around to seeing.

Men and women alike can find the search difficult, especially when they have a demanding work schedule and a well established circle of friends - it's not so easy to meet new people!

And let’s be honest – hoping to meet someone great in a bar is not the most effective, efficient way to date...

At Elite Singles we want to help Seattle singles find what they’re looking for.