Canon lawyer Patrick Wall said of confidential church documents obtained by a news outlet that the documents indicate that Apuron's case was known to the Vatican in 2008, as shown by the case's protocol number and year. News in 2011 that Mc Quaid was cleric described in 2010 supplement to Murphy report with two complaints of child sex abuse, including of a 12-year-old boy in 1961, and one "separate concern." Bishop Gerardo Antonazzo Investigation April 2016 by prosecutors in Cassino, in response to a letter from a seminarian accusing Antonazzo of sexually molesting him and seven other adults. * Vatican informed in 2007 of reports of Schilder's early 1990s abuse of a Maasai herds boy. * Vatican informed in 2007 of reports of Schilder's early 1990s abuse of a Maasai herds boy. [See victim's statement.] Resigned 2010, age 61, per canon 401.2. Voluntarily laicized 2008 so that he could run for office. Admitted 2009 to fathering a child in 2007; another woman said he had fathered her child too, and that their involvement began when she was 18 and Lugo still a bishop.On 7/6/2017 Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes stated, "I think it would be a disaster if Archbishop Apuron were to return as the bishop of record." Accused in a lawsuit filed in 2/17 of the rape and sexual abuse of a 10-year-old altar boy on Guam approximately 1971-1974. Admitted "failure to observe his oath of celibacy." Sued RTÉ, claiming victim was 20, not 14. Admitted 2012 to fathering child of another woman while bishop. Resigned in 2002 immediately after news of 0K payment in 1998 to silence man accusing him of sexual assault when man was 32.

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Tried in Perth court February 2016 on charges of "indecent dealings" with five boys, ages 13-15, between 1969-1972. Accused publicly 1995 of abusing boys and young monks. Reportedly sexually abused minors, including an altar boy; Office of Public Prosecution opened investigation which it soon closed, citing insufficient evidence. Member of Neocatechumenal Way, a controversial church movement.

Retired as archbishop soon after, age 75, with JP II saying Christ too faced "unjust accusations." Named head of priory 1996. Resigned 2010, age 73, per canon 401.2 after admitting to sexual abuse of boy, later revealed to be his nephew. Accused also of sexually abusing seminarians between 19. Sparked outcry 2011 when he deeded a $40M church property in Yona for indefinite use as a Neocatechumenate seminary and theological institute (see pages 77-80 of 9/2016 archdiocesan report).

On 8/19/2016, Hon said Pope Francis to remove Apuron.

On 9/16/2016, Hon released a report on the controversial Neocatechumenate seminary, the Redemptoris Mater House of Formation.

Fled Ireland, worked in Ecuador missions, then English diocese. Hospitalized night before his July 2015 trial in VCS, causing trial to be indefinitely postponed. Name released February 2015 as one of 17 archdiocesan clergy accused of sexual abuse or misconduct with a minor. Accused of child rape in 1985 letter to papal nuncio. Nienstedt kept findings secret and, according to MPR report , authorized new investigation by second law firm. Accused early 2000s of sexual abuse of 3 different boys in 1960s and '70s. We have excluded from the list the following allegations against bishops in the United States which were subsequently recanted or demonstrated to be incorrect: two allegations in 1992 against Bishop Gerald F.

Accused 2005 of sexual assault of girl, age 5, 30 years earlier. Released from hospital one week later, and freed to walk around Vatican City, according to BBC. A man filed a claim that Cowley sexually abused him at age 15 during trip to northern Minnesota in 1968. Resigned June 2015, per 401.2, soon after archdiocese was charged criminally for contributing to child sex abuse. O'Keefe 1 2 (Davenport, Iowa); two allegations in 2002 against Cardinal Roger M.

Bishop Emeritus of Chalan Kanoa, Northern Mariana Islands. Accused in a 5/31/17 lawsuit of sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in 1966. State’s report 2011 revealed more cover-up and 2008 report to church of Magee’s inappropriate behavior toward teen, age 17-18. Accusers then produced document allegedly signed by Livieres showing he tried to pay them to stay quiet. Church officials did not inform DR law enforcement. Vatican reportedly rebuffed extradition request by Poland January 2014. Woman, age 27, soon went public regarding two-year sexual relationship with Marino, which he acknowledged. Remains Milwaukee WI archbishop emeritus, residing in PA monastery. Accused 2005 of 1950s sexual abuse of boy, from ages 10 to 16.

His accuser said he was a student at Cathedral Grade School at the time and Flores was an Agaña Cathedral priest. Stepped aside but didn’t resign 2009 after internal watchdog report that he had mishandled two abusive priests. Laicization announced June 2014, four days after DR bishop tweeted about seeing Wesołowski strolling in Rome. Resigned 1997, age 69, after accused of attempting to fondle then drown boy at Vermont orphanage in 1950. Alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct with seminarians and priests in 1980s while Metuchen NJ bishop and Newark NJ archbishop. Accused 2002 of sexually abusing 14-year-old boy in 1979. Bishop Lawrence Harold Welsh News in 2002 of police investigation 1986 alleging he had choked male prostitute during sex.

On 9/20/2016, an archdiocesan spokesperson said (1, 2) that the Neocatechumenates in Guam had a powerful ally in to the Agaña archdiocese.

The Vatican has "just formed all the conditions for the trial," Hon told reporters in early November.

Accused in a second lawsuit, filed in 4/17, of repeated sexual abuse of another 10-year-old altar boy, in the early 1960s at a Mongmong parish. Suit settled 2015: RTÉ paid legal costs but made no concession on victim's age. Accused 2002 in criminal complaint by three young men of sexual assault of minors. Bishop Guillermo Martín Abanto Guzmán Fathered child in 2011. Yalung Resigned 2002, age 49, per canon 401.2, after news he had fathered a child. Archbishop Juliusz Paetz Resigned 2002, age 67, after accused of sexually abusing young seminarians. Banned from public ministry, but ban lifted by Vatican June 2010. Weakland had just turned 75, and resignation was accepted per canon 401.1 -- the age-75 rule applying to bishops in standard situations.