Kept toasty warm by an eco boiler, with a log burner for extra cosy evening.

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There is peace here and wide expanses for walking and exercising your dog.

The gentle countryside is ideal for cycling, walking, bird watching, or romantic weekends.

Her long-term aim is to lose another five stone and is eyeing size 14 as her goal dress size.

She added: 'A few weeks ago I set myself a challenge that by the end of May I would log 150,000 steps for my seven days and I went well over that in the first week.'I'm aiming for about 35-40,000 steps a day for the whole of the month.

Most doggers now, because of bad publicity and various dogging news items that have happened to dogging since it hit main stream news, now pre-arrange meetings to avoid disappointment.

Join our dogging community here now, we have thousands and thousands of other doggers waiting to meet you. If you know of any not listed then then please send them to me on twitter to feature.The 26-year-old said: 'I was honestly shocked when I saw the messages, but then I saw the funny side and started laughing.'It doesn't bother me really as I wasn't cheating, I'm doing this for myself and for my family.'I'm a very competitive person, I grew up dancing and playing the pipes too and always competed against others.'I didn't bother replying [to the messages] as I can't be bothered with arguments.If anything, it's definitely made me want to step more.'If people want to be jealous that's up to them.Competitive slimmers trolled a mother-of-two after she won a Fitbit challenge to see who would walk the furthest in a week.Ashleigh Runcie, from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, took part on a 'Workweek Hustle', in which those trying to lose weight see who could make the most paces between Monday and Friday.The 1892 granite building has been renovated to form a modern, non-smoking, dog-friendly coastal retreat with self-catering kitchens, bunkrooms, and double and family bedrooms.