Pro tip: The Championship Course is the big fancy name, but the adjacent nine-hole executive course goes up the mountain and it probably more challenging.’d rather see the mountains by foot: Squaw Valley Aerial Tram Take it up to High Camp, hike the trails/ski runs, and then relax at the pool bar and lagoon. want to golf AND hike: Incline Village The course is built into the side of a mountain, so make sure you get in some quality time with the Stairmaster before your trip.

Whether we are joining a bride and groom in marriage, doing a vow renewal or a commitment ceremony it is all about you! Couples with children can make them part of the ceremony also.

I will say their names in the ceremony, let them know what joy they bring to this union, for we are not just joining two people we are making a family or joining two families. When you see their eyes light up and the smiles on their faces when they hear their names and that they are part of this special day it will warm your heart.

And upon being asked by visitors what the strange, gray objects were, Captain Dick would simply respond, “Them’s my toes.” Perhaps in a tribute to Captain Dick, your best friend just put something else in a box (an engagement ring!

Come on, he's not Justin Timberlake), presented it to his special lady, and now, will presumably be living a much-less-hermit-like lifestyle as a result.This is just one of the many ways to make your ceremony yours. I will come to your venue, hotel, family home, beach location, or help you in choosing the place.Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth to join together.The party scene, however, is best in July and August. if money is no object and you love to ski: Ritz-Carlton at Northstar It might look like Hogwarts from the outside, but on the inside, this ski-in/ski-out spot has a massive spa, and one of the best barbecue joints in Tahoe. If you’re looking to party: Mont Bleau To help you minimize the possible logistic mishaps that come between “What’s your name? ”, this hotel's got not one, but two, big time clubs... Plus a theater that hosts most of the major bands that come to South Lake.If you want a condo right next to the gondola: Squaw Valley Resort Like "roll out of bed, put on your skis, and be on the top of the mountain in five minutes" close.December isn't bad but it’s still early in the season, so: a) the snow might not be the best; and b) there won’t be nearly as many people there to party with.