The number of weeks of compensation for permanent injuries is set by a statutory schedule.

The workers' compensation insurance carrier works for the employer, not the employee.

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Our firm will go to you whether it is in a hospital or in your home or wherever is necessary.

Should I give statements to any investigators or insurance adjusters? You are not required to talk to anyone from an insurance company or anyone working for an insurance company at any time.

The employer (or the employer's workers compensation insurance).

Many employers tell their employees to file a claim on the worker's health insurance. Under Mississippi law, the employer is absolutely liable for any medical bills arising from an on-the-job injury. Under Mississippi law, an employee injured on-the-job has the right to see a doctor of their own choosing.

And you should absolutely refuse to do so which you have very right to do.

Any statement you make will frequently be used against you, and it is difficult to take back something once you have it recorded.

What law enforcement officers investigate which MVAs?

Answer: Generally, MVAs on state or federal highways are investigated by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, while those on city streets are investigated by city policemen.

Initially, once you report the injury, the company sees that you are given medical care.