Athough they’re no longer a “couple”, Jodi and Matt Mc Cartney remain friends with benefits.Jodi and Matt both make their way south seeking work in central California’s lucrative tourist industry.

While babysitting, Beth Hawkins cannot leave the two children alone without some sort of violent or destructive incident (watch video).

14-year-old Jodi routinely fights with her parents, she shoves her mother Sandy, kicks her, and on at least one occasion, Jodi punches her mother Sandy in the face.

On the witness stand, Brewer recalls they had anal sex at least once, but cannot recall whether or not they did it more than once. Mormon men begin showing up for weekly Bible study.

Jodi abstains from sex, and insists Darryl Brewer stop using profanity.

Bianca answers the door, talks with Jodi, and confirms Bianca and Matt are indeed having a relationship.

Instead of driving all the way home – Jodi spends the night with a nearby friend named Eddie Lee.

At the Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur, California – Jodi is interviewed by Darryl Brewer.

The food and beverage manager is impressed by the young woman, and he hires Jodi immediately.

Still unemployed, Bobby Juarez is now living in Oregon with his new roommate Matt Mc Cartney.

When Jodi moves in, she provides financial support for the three of them by working as a waitress at Denny’s. Jodi claims that while she is working at Applebee’s in Yreka, two women who are customers tell Jodi that her boyfriend Matt Mc Cartney is secretly romancing another woman named Bianca.

Jodi says Victor is too possessive so she breaks up with him.