Active legislation over the years blocked the federal U. Board on Geographic Names from taking up the issue.The change came about when Interior Secretary Sally Jewell issued an order citing a 1947 law that allows her agency to replace names unilaterally when the board fails to act within a reasonable time.Guy also has an amazing beard and seems like he is so over all of his neighbors, or at least the cameras following him. After Jason is done bargaining with Guy, he tries to make it home over the river and drives right into open water.

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The memorandum of understanding establishes a "cooperative framework" between the Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

and the Korea Gas Corp., or Kogas, the White House said in a press release Wednesday morning.

He also ends up trading Jason 12 pieces of wood for several large windows.

I'm not an expert, but I think Guy got the better end of this barter.

Mount Mc Kinley to be renamed Denali Troy Eid, chairman of the Indian Law and Order Commission and a member of Trump's transition team, said in an email Tuesday he was not in a position to comment.

The three Republicans who make up Alaska's congressional delegation either declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment. Lisa Murkowski — who called for Trump to leave the Republican ticket after the emergence of a recording of Trump making lewd comments about women — long advocated for the mountain's Alaska Native name and thanked President Barack Obama for embracing it. Bob Gibbs slammed the name swap as Obama's "constitutional overreach," and said he would look at trying to prevent it.An agreement between AGDC and Sinochem – a Chinese state-owned oil, gas and chemicals company – is expected to be announced during Trump's visit, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.This week we have some epic footage of a glacier calving on "Alaska: The Last Frontier," a lot of questionable decisions on "Edge of Alaska" and a new season of "Homestead Rescue" on the docket. Next, "Edge of Alaska" was chock-full of the characters of Mc Carthy running into the obstacles of their daily lives.Alaskans long have informally called the mountain Denali — "the great one" in Athabascan.But the federal government recognized the name invoking the 25th president, William Mc Kinley, who was born in Ohio and assassinated early in his second term. In his tweet, Trump called the name switch a "great insult to Ohio." Pol who named son Mc Kinley upset with mount name change But if he indeed moves to undo it, Trump can expect pushback from Alaskans.They also didn't respond when asked how or if the agreement announced Wednesday was different from a previous, nonbinding memorandum announced between Kogas and AGDC in June.