"I believe love and connection are what human beings long for and without it there is a great deal of needless suffering.

I help people find a deeper connection, and experience greater intimacy and love.

I am trained in trauma resolution (Progressive counting...), CBT, and DBT.

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Your time and money will not be wasted.""I have been working with couples and families for over 20 years, specializing in relationships.

Your time and money will not be wasted.""Do you ever feel alone or that you are the only one to feel this way? Everyone experiences troubles in their life and I want to help you!

These are all issues that cause suffering.""We are confidential, open-minded, comprehensive and whole-person centered.

The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness provides bio-psycho-social assessment and treatment planning for common and complex sexual issues in people of all genders and ages.

We also have therapists who are skilled in treating drug & alcohol concerns, sexual addition, & trauma.

In addition, we assist families, teens, and individuals with depression, anxiety and life adjustments.My goal is to assist client(s) in attaining their goals in a healthy way.I invite you to browse my web site: - I have been practicing relationship therapy since 1999 and opened my practice in 2001.We know how chaotic people's lives are, so we have availabity seven days a week & have evening hours.""Making the decision to come to therapy is a difficult & courageous one.We know how chaotic people's lives are, so we have availabity seven days a week & have evening hours.""I am a trilingual Licensed Mental Health Therapist(English, French, Spanish) with experience and training working with children, adolescents and adults.My passion is in understanding where you are today and guiding you to where you want to be next.