The software is currently only available for Android smartphones, and can be downloaded directly from the Realbotix website.

Realbotix believes the artificial intelligence that powers the Harmony AI app will eventually be baked into the robotic heads that ship with the Real Dolls.

Machine learning allows the realistic sex robot to remember previous conversations and respond in the most human manner possible.

Like models of revolutionary sex toys, the doll is made to be an exact replica of the punter’s favourite porn star.

But now the company is offering an exact replica of a popular porn star’s entire body, in order to make the experience even more immersive.

The sexy dolls which have soft make-up, hair wigs and flawless figures can carry on a conversation, remember things about their user and be customised to suit the needs of its owner.

The new wave of sex robots are being equipped to learn about their owner in a bid to create a more intimate relationship between robot and human, according to the firm.

Sex robots look set to revolutionise the industry, with many experts believing they will overtake human brothels.

The most expensive bot on the market is made by Abyss Creations, and is their Wicked Real Doll.

Abyss Creations has unveiled a new smartphone app, called Harmony AI, that brings artificial intelligence to its lifelike Real Doll sex robots.

Real Doll owners can use the app to talk to their life-size silicone companions.

The stunningly real sex bots, are a part of a growing £20billion industry aimed at pushing the boundaries to create dolls who are just like real women. They come with a hefty price tag of £11,00 (,000) each.

In a crowded market dominated by companies in the US and Asia, Abyss Creations' Real Doll Harmony robots stand out as they are incredibly realistic.

The firms face competition from inventor, Roberto Cardenas, 31, who runs Eden Robotics in Las Vegas, is hoping to change the game with fully functional robots that could put themselves in "20 different sex positions."Mr Cardenas said that the dolls "won't complain and are ready 24/7”.