The baby is running, as if she is afraid and trying to get safe (but she could be just exploring and expressing her newly found ability to run—to go where she wants).

When our baby gets old enough to walk or run, she gets old enough to run away from us.

I was running in what seemed like slow motion and she was running faster than she normally can.

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Another way of looking at this dream is that all the parts might symbolize your different feelings and then the dream would represent your inner situation emotionally.

In this way of thinking your baby is symbolic of the child part of yourself.

You wake up in a “pool of tears,” (I just watched “Life of Pi” and his name is from “piscine” or pool (in French) and a pool of tears is like the ocean in which he floats, realizing all sorts of things about God, life, nature and existence and himself.

Pools of tears also bring to mind Alice from “Alice in Wonderland,” and also the unconscious and the Great Mother…

and this is all before we actually get to the contents of your dream :) I’m wondering if your delivery was “normal” or if you had an unscheduled C-section; and also what your own delivery and birth were like when your mom was birthing you.

For example, a “man in the road” who “smashes the car window” would be an apt symbol for a doctor who pulls the baby out of the “car” of your body (where you were together with your baby) and then you don’t see the baby as they sew you up when you need to have the baby right on your skin and the baby needs you right away.Next thing the police were there told thm what happened thn all of sudden i was in hospital beibg told that she was being kept in I. However in this dream not once did i meet a doctor or actually see my babies face just saw a body in a car seat.Thank you Danielle REPLY Bruce March 17, 2013 at pm [edit] Hi Danielle, Your dream, as well as your poetic language, give us excellent clues into what you are experiencing…Request the third floor for higher ceilings and more recent paint-jobs – 80 has rooftop views (though no bath). You can sleep among blue and orange walls in the Panton suite, lounge in Wegner’s Papa Bear chair in the lobby and view Jacobsen’s simple wooden Shaker seat, one of the first pieces he made at design school.A stay here means you can skip a visit to the Design Museum, leaving you more time for…You meant to say she was in the “crib” next to you when you woke up, but you wrote, on accident, “crip” which is like “crypt” and again I am thinking that your own very early life may have included the NICU and/or separation from mother and some sort of feeling of deadness, drowning or confusion, which the birth of your own baby might have triggered into almost consciousness via the dream.