Wait until you hear this latest interview with Filmfare which will literally BLOW your mind.

If I am ever with someone, please know that, I will be with a show-man.” Now while that was one.

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She was public about these two co-star bf's many times.. Wait till her PR starts publicizing her many more affairs in Hollywood if her career doesn't take off over there after Quantico.

i really dont understand two things why date a married man ?

SRK and Priyanka’s relationship is being discussed in book clubs, ladies’ luncheons, and by business suits on coffee breaks… Despite the naysayers, SRK and Priyanka’s relationship seems real, despite the harsh reality of their respective situations.

If indeed, SRK and Priyanka have taken the next step, it would be Bollywood’s biggest off-screen love story, unscripted and untold so far.

Or, at least, that is what is being spoken of in the inner circle! After all, marriage is a big deal, especially if the groom is already married and has kids.

Of course, unless either of them announces this new development, we are going to hear more questions than answers.

Whilst we cannot confirm the couple’s marital status, let’s look at some of the reasons that would make it plausible: 1.

Under, a Muslim man can take up to four wives, as long as he treats them equally, the details of which are prescribed under the law.

(Famous words spoken before by Kangana, which landed her in controversy).

Hrithik's mistake was reacting and saying there is a greater chance of him dating the Pope.

He has made phone calls to people requesting them to back off and not known to take an unkind word against Priyanka lightly. SRK has been overseeing her product endorsements for some time now and sometimes negotiates on Priyanka’s behalf for the best deal possible, given his sharp business acumen.