As a refresher, client-side validation is form validation that occurs in web forms, purely client-side, prior to any over-the-wire activity such as attempting to post the form.

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There are several types of activities in Share Point Server 2013.

These include the following: In Share Point Server 2013, the newsfeed (or just simply the feed) displays activity information to users. In Share Point Server 2013, a user's My Site has several feeds available from which to choose.

From now on, I’ll know to open up a stand-alone MVC 5 app as a first step when debugging features created using Share Point app template.

Summary: Learn about microblog features, newsfeed, and the Distributed Cache service in Share Point Server 2013.

Microblog features and feeds use the My Sites and team sites content databases only.

Activities written to the My Sites content databases are never deleted.

First, use NUGET to install the following packages, in this order: Reverse the order, and you’ll see the following error message: Updating ‘j Query 1.10.2’ to ‘j Query 1.4.1’ failed. But the remedy is very simple; install the nuget packages in the order shown above.

Next, add the following line to your bundleconfig.cs: In a discussion last week (Convert MVC application to Share Point 2013 provider hosted app | Bas Lijten), Bo George discovered at least one concrete reason to create an MVC 5 first and then convert it to a Share Point app. I used an MVC 5 project template to debug this issue and ultimately discovered why client side validation would not work for me in my Share Point provider hosted app.

For example, if a particular user is a subject matter expert in a particular area, users might @Mention the user to get that user's attention and maybe a response to the current conversation.