Typhoon Yolanda survivor Joy Ducusin recounts her ordeals during and after the storm's onslaught.Ducusin attests to the pain of all survivors who lost their loved ones in the tragedy.

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Freud was generally critical of what he felt was Carl Jung's facile separation of male and female traits when according to him both men and women have masculine and feminine traits) and Euripides saw her more in filial love and deep mourning for her father and in need of some good revenge against her murderous mother.

The story of this family is another trope altogether, anyway.

Clinical psychologist Cristina Lope Rosello talks about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Jeff Canoy looks at the developments in the rehabilitation of the storm-hit city.

2017 | 2h “Kusina” (The Kitchen) is the silent witness to the life and love of Juanita.

The kitchen is her sanctuary, the place where she creates dishes for her family, her friends, even enemies and strangers.This archetype shares some themes with both the Messianic Archetype (rebirth and renewal) and Tricksters (out with the old, in with the new).The female equivalent, of wanting to kill the mother and sleep with the father, was called the "Electra complex" by Carl Jung, but this term was rejected by Freud, saying that "Oedipus complex" sufficed for both men and women want to supplant their fathers.Find out more about the current state of affairs with TV Patrol Panay.Aired Nov 08, 2017 Get the comprehensive news coverage of the latest events and issues across the country with an incisive regional perspective.Not that you'd ever know any of this beyond "slept with his mother" without reading at least something about the original tragedy and its bloody finale.