From initial interviews concerning the drama, apparently it took him several hours to get in and out of the old age make-up.Ratings for the first episodes were the highest in ages for its time slot, so let's hope for good results in the future, too.The resulting frenzy was dubbed a “fever.” K-Netizens swooned over the massive variety of emotions our talented subject could affect.

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Give him but a few minutes of your time to wow you, and soon you might end up gladly yielding hour upon hour to his masterful skills..

I had long craved a more mature romantic comedy than the fare I was consuming, and only one week remained before the finale.

We begin the film just as he and his girlfriend, decked out in homemade anti-extraterrestrial gear, capture the prince—or is he just the president and CEO of a certain chemical company? include everything from science fiction and horror to comedy, slice-of-life, and romance.

Everything boils down to a criminally insane mixture that somehow works. Shin’s character requires a similar range—which he delivers without a misstep.

My reasoning beyond that feels silly in retrospect.

It occurred to me that perhaps the presence of an older male lead meant the series would do the trick.This one just started so it’s difficult to formulate any concrete opinions about it.The initial episodes were a riot though, and you can tell Mr. That's usually a great sign, since if the actor has fun, so often does the viewer.This character, Ryu, constitutes one of the more complicated characters played by our talented subject—one important thing we notice right away is that he cannot hear, and thus has difficulty speaking. It’s an emotional role played with a lot of pathos, which is perfect for the theme of this film..You can often tell an actor’s mettle by the way they express themselves without speech. We follow a group of assassins—and friends—who kill only by contract and employ methods requested by their clientele.His character initially seems little more than a physical manifestation for one of the film’s many themes but develops beautifully by the finale. It’s a slow piece about two brothers locked in sibling rivalry; they never seem to understand each other, though family might be all either has.