Is there anyway I can check my Metadata for artist and title is being sent correctly?If I look on the shoutcast or Radionomy websites the now playing remains static although it's changing at encoder level.

shoutcast song title not updating-33

After this, Select MCD channel 2, then Channel 1 again to reset the channel.

you can do this with the menu option: [Options] - [MCD Ch.] A3: It could be that the Quicktime player has crashed in the background.(The viewer uses this internally). Make sure there is not more then one instance running with the Task Manager. A1: In most cases it's a wrong description of a problem.

It does not do anything suggest that it does not give a menu, nor display anything.

Please take a few minutes to properly summarize the actual problem and put it on a notecard, like described here. A: Please goto the installation guide and see how you have to rez a special device (the MCD) to be able to change the media on your parcel.

If you still can not find it, send in a ticket to Linden Lab about inventory loss. If the product however is no-copy, we need some proof that you did not sell/give it to someone else.

Send a ticket to Linden Labs regarding the circumstances of the loss and make a screenshot of it, or copy a live help chat and send it in with a notecard.It takes a few logical steps to get it right, so take your time and read the MCD installation guide. Be assured, it is tested and works in every possible situation. If this is regarding a DJ that is streaming, then it can be due to three things: Q: Can you come help configure it?A: On-site help is offered, but you have to pay a small fee, read about it here. This does not mean there is no free support, there is, if you send in a detailed support call on a notecard.Without a proper and detailed question, including product type and version, it is impossible to give you help with so many products and versions out there. See more about how to properly make a support call here. A1: The SRC receivers have a build in auto revert for when the current playing stream reports to be offline, or is just not reachable (server not found).If you want to get helped quickly, please read: Who can help. A: That is very unfortunate, but what do you mean really? After 10 sequential failed attempts it will automatically go back to the first radiostation you have set in the Radiolist notecard.Ads on one of my stream are not playing and I am wondering if this is why. I quickly sent my stream upload to an independent shoutcast host , so looks like its the shoutcast hosting that isn't processing my metadata as it should.