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Amazingly, the place hasn’t changed much in 56 years Current owner Valerie Boisvert looked around the dark 180-seat Coconut bar that is loaded with rattan chairs, totem poles, tiki statues and shell lamps.

“They brought all this back from Polynesia,” she said.” The Landrys also built a modest wooden bridge and added faux palm trees and portraits of pretty Polynesian women in all of their black velvet glory. When I visited Trois-Riveres in mid- August, my Room 29 had one door going outside to the parking lot AND another door into the hallway.

The Yoders also planned vacations around Cracker Barrel. The best part of our lives were the years with the RVs.” Ray says it took about ten years before they realized they had a Cracker Barrel streak going. They are not on Facebook or Instagram so there’s no social media bragging on their Cracker Barrel quest. “The Cracker Barrel map would always say what exit to get off at. “Right-handed is where you go in the front door and the dining room is to the right.” In soft tones Wilma admits, “I had a bad experience (in New Orleans) with a new restroom. 17 in North and South Carolina: Maybe a half an order at (the first) one…Then a coffee to go at the next one… 33,000) is at I-80 and Cassiopolis Street in Elkhart.

For example, when they visited the Grand Canyon they would find a nearby Cracker Barrel. “We had a couple hundred of them down,” he says in a country drawl as thick as pancake syrup. Its a map filled with 600 stores.” The hard-hitting journalist might ask if Ray and Wilma have documentation of all their visits. I was going to the right when I was so used to going to the left.” Ray says, “We got serious about this in the ‘80s. ’ and I said, ‘Don’t eat too much at the first one.’ They were out of the way places but we needed to get them in order to claim them with our bunch. By ten o ‘clock we were at the third one, probably the house salad…The fourth one would be noon hour for meat loaf…The fifth one would have been a sandwich. “We go to that one, sometimes for family get together,” Ray explains.

You go to work at four in the morning and work hard at it. “All the employees were waiting for us to make our appearance,” Ray says. I told them I could drive to O’Hare airport (in Chicago.) I’ve done that before. I thought he was better looking.” Ray continues, “I was never into alcohol. You pick them and you stay together.” And that has been the old country creed for Ray and Wilma Yoder as they seen America through the wide open windows of an RV and the comforting heart of a Cracker Barrel.

But they came with one of those limo cars and took us to O’Hare.” As a 17-year-old, Wilma was attracted to Ray for his homespun values. Not that needs to be brag, but I did enough other things. In mid-life you have two or three jobs, you have a little family and you have to work at that. TROIS-RIVIERES, QUEBEC, CANADA—Like all great tiki establishments, the Hotel-Motel Coconut remains true to its original vision.Ray has lived in the same farm house since he was five years old.“Wilma came about ten miles that day in a horse and buggy not knowing it was all going to be worth it,” Ray quips during a front porch conversation on a warm September morning. The Yoders are the proud parents of four children between the ages of 43 and 58.And while I’ve been to tiki bars from Easter Island to Hawaii to San Francisco, I can’t remember going to a roadside tiki bar with an adjacent tiki hotel. And an 80-person outdoor Coconut Terrace overlooking the highway and the magnificent Laviolette Bridge that arches over the St. At first I thought the hallway door was an adjacent room.Hotel-motel manager David Duhaime explained, “That’s the reason we have hotel The motel dates back to 1958 when the two-lane Quebec Route 138 was the popular route between Montreal and Trois-Riveres (pop. The route runs parallel to the north shore of the St. The Hotel-Motel Coconut is on the west side of the city.What shipping options are available on Doublebone .com?