Go up to any soda machine and repeatedly press Y until a soda drops down. Invincibility in dodgeball While playing dodgeball, press LT to display the help screen immediately before an opponent has the ball.

Easy tickets Go to the carnival, then go to the "Splish Splash" game.

It is fast, easy, only costs $1, and results in three tickets each time.

Additionally, go to the carnival, then go to the "Hammer" game.

Repeatedly tap A to get three tickets every time, if done correctly.

Destroying all pumpkins and tombstones After starting the "Halloween" mission, you can get a bonus for finding and smashing all the pumpkins and tombstones around campus. In the next (and last) mission of the chapter, where you go into the basement of the school with Gary, you will get to the boiler room.

Inside will be all of the pumpkins you missed in the "Halloween" mission. Later in the game when you unlock the "Preppie" part of town, go to the asylum.Next to it will be a warehouse, and inside are all of the tombstones you missed.Faster pointer movement in Biology class Use the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick together to make the pointer move faster, thus giving you more time to complete the assignment.Found in the fourth photography class on the Bullworth dam.Look on the table on the right side of the door to the upstairs in the "Nerd Challenge".Free soda Drink 220 sodas to get free sodas from the soda machines.