According to one of the emailers, “They never officially declared themselves a couple, but did go out together and spend a lot of time with one another in early 2006.” Another emailer said that Dale and Ricky Hendrick were friends and that’s why she felt comfortable approaching him, because she thought Ricky would have approved. I should have known a post having anything to do with NASCAR would get an immediate response with people in the know!) **** I can’t imagine Emily Maynard won’t instantly win over Brad Womack and make it far this season!With just several clicks of the mouse, claims will scan through and automatically fix any problems may be occurring.|What is a Registry Machine? This is the right and effective way to remove and be rid run time error to get your computer run efficiently and smoothly again.

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premieres at 8/7c featuring Brad Womack taking a second stab at finding true love among 30 beautiful women assembled from all over North America.

For most of the women contestants it will be the first time they will find themselves in the national spotlight, but the same cannot be said for Emily Maynard, a 24-year-old blond beauty originally from Morgantown, West Virginia.

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And here’s Emily Maynard’s intro video clip from Check out our other Bachelor File posts on Chantal O’Brien, Ashley Hebert and Shawntel Newton!

For photos as well as very brief bios and Q&As with the other contestants be sure to check out our “Brad Bunch” post HERE!

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