But if they are happening on a regular basis then take it as a sign her interest is waning and move on. If you still experience strong negative feelings (beyond, ‘That kinda sucks’) when a woman loses interest in you, then spend time developing your mental fortitude.

Acting like this is the fastest way to get her labelling you as a creepy loser who she has zero attraction for. It isn’t always possible to tell she’s losing interest, but there are some warning signs. Are there any areas where you need to fine tune your skills? If you notice some things, make a note to improve them for the next girl (Hint: There’s always something you can improve upon). Even if you did everything right, sometimes the chemistry just doesn’t work. A key part of dealing with the situation is accepting it, and moving on.

These things do happen on occasion, even when the woman is still attracted to you. If you still can’t figure out why it isn’t working between the two of you, STOP. Realise that virtually nothing you can do will make her interested in you again, and you are much better off looking for other women to date. What to do and what not to do when a woman stops being interested in you.

You can learn how to ask someone out the right way, and how to spend time together when you're without car or income.

When most men think of international dating one of the first countries that comes to mind is Russia.

If you are asking yourself do Russian women make good wives, the answer is that they do, although they are not the best fit for every man.

Several factors will determine whether a Russian woman is right for you, including your own character and personality and what you are looking for in a relationship, as well as the type of woman that attracts you.

Another of the best Russian dating sites is Russian Cupid.

This site is a fairly new addition to the international dating scene as it was only founded in 2003 but it has proved to be very popular with users and has quickly grown to over 70,000 members.

If you are a busy professional then really help optimize your search for the perfect mate.

Check out the quality of the women in their Russian Brides Profile Gallery: While there are numerous online websites that feature Russian ladies who would like to date the right person, the websites are often misunderstood by the general public who may suspect some alternative motives on the part of the people running these sites.

However, there are many Russian women who comment online about participating in these digital dating sites because they do not know of any other good way or means to “connect” with the man or woman of their dreams.