It listed all speed dating occasions per week per area, sorted by popularity and fees.And though Kurt hadn't found his Mr Right yet, he'd collected a few phone numbers and been on a few follow-up dates- and all of them had been better than his recent nights out with Blaine..the accountant-slash-hobby-taxidermist, or the guy who only spoke Polish.Guide by Hirun Cryer, Pokemon GO developer Niantic recently revealed a new Fire and Ice event, and while it’s perhaps not a Game of Thrones reference, it is a reference to the special fire and ice-type Pokemon that can be more frequently seen during the weeks where the event takes place.

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I just got back from Paris and the thing I hear from Isabelle is that you got rid of that pest problem in your home." He waggled his eyebrows and grinned."Pest? He had been in the middle of an email to one of their advertisers and his mind had skipped to the bedbugs in Blaine's horrible couch at first- but that had been back at the loft, and the pest Chase was referring to was actually... Kurt's eyes wandered down the list of new occasions, mentally checking them against his calendar, when he saw something new: one of the gay bars in his area had a new karaoke night?

"," Kurt read out loud, "huh."It sounded a little like something Mr.

As their love affair cooled, a heart-broken Alex stopped competing and turned to teaching.

Enter James Mc Kinsey, the smoldering bad boy of speed skating, who has had fiery Alex in his sights as a skating partner ever since he was banned from speed skating.

His dates had had one thing in common: they actually wanted to be there. I'm sure we can work something out." He paused and seemed to be weighing his chances. I could tell you about him over dinner."God, how Kurt had been tempted to take that offer!

They didn't spend all evening complaining about the state of their living room ("My advanced classes at NYADA are like, super hard, Kurt, I don't have time to pick up after you") or about what a chore it was to find a decent organizer board for their bow-tie collection. But he had told himself from the start of his New York career never to start anything with someone at his workplace.

Blaine wants him back, but Kurt is looking around for better prospects.

When a song competition requires him to get in touch with former friends, Kurt finds an unlikely duet partner...(complete)Pairing/Chars: Kurtbastian Words: 19K (14 chapters)Genre: romance with some added lol Blaine, lol Rachel and lol Schue Rating: PGSummary: Set S6 ep1; Kurt is freshly single in NYC.

Instead, Kurt dates had showed up on time, asked about Kurt's day, and complimented him on his outfits- even with no Polish, Kurt had been able to make that out. Kurt smiled as he thought about the exchange with Chase that had lead to him speed dating in the first place. I haven't figured out how to pay next month's rent yet without Blaine's share, but at least I no longer have to save up for a marriage we couldn't afford in the first place." His tone was light and cheerful, but he could tell Chase was catching the darker undertone. Chase knew this already - he had already tried his chances the last time Kurt had broken up with Blaine- but Kurt had reminded him of his good resolutions anyway.