What – Is the value of a college degree still the thing that opens the door for most kids looking for work? The college degree is the door opener and it shows the employers that, hopefully, the college graduates have the ability to think but also they’ve had the persistence to complete the degree. It’s averaged about 11% for the first couple months of this year, and we’re looking for that to drop a little bit toward the end of the year but it’s – unemployment is still going to be high.

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If I don’t get a job within the next two months, I start running out of money, start applying at restaurants and then if after a month or so I still can’t find a job at a restaurant even, my lease will be coming up so I’ll be possibly having to move back home with my parents for a little while.

UNIDENTIFIED STUDENT #4: Well, for me, the scariest part about graduating is that I’ve been so lucky and fortunate to have my parents’ support in these last four years here at school.

TARBOX: Maureen, that’s an excellent question and the answer is definitely.

What we’re seeing is actually over the last four years that we’ve been collecting data on this about things like are you going to accept an offer for a full time… TARBOX: …job from an internship, has steadily increased.

Why, James, are students accepting more job offers, do you think, than last year?

Is the reality of this recession something that’s very much on the minds of these graduates?

But the economy is in recession and jobs are tight.

We asked some soon-to-be SDSU graduates about their prospects.

And I was really pleased to see the results from NACE because oftentimes what students would do in the past is they’d say, well, I did the internship, I’m going to look elsewhere. And you know what we’re seeing also is, is that we see a lot of employers doing what I would call ‘just in time’ recruiting this semester.