The goal of any organization is to use IT at its most effective level.For an IT manager cloud sizing doesn’t have one correct answer, since every environment is truly unique in its demands. A Cloud migration project can be a relatively simple exercise, where applications are migrated "as is", to gain benefits such as elastic capacity and utility pricing, but without making any changes to the application architecture, software development methods or business processes.

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- New tools available to detect and trigger DR activation as needed.

- Automated damage assessment and notification tools.

The first step is to define what your company cannot live without, otherwise known as a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

Once the mission critical applications have been identified, you must then agree upon what is acceptable downtime or the recovery time objective (RTO).

Good topics & presentations and useful information." - Adil Khan, IT Manager, Miami-Dade County "Attended and I enjoyed the summit.

Learned about services/technologies we could utilize at our company" - Ahmed Mohamed, Software Support Manager, Pharmaworks "Overall the event was good.- Latest backup tools/methodologies/costs and speed of recovery for each. – am: Trends in Application and Mobile App Development.Organizations are under pressure to develop and deliver sophisticated cross-platform web applications faster.Free Registration is now open for the Nashville Tech Summit 2018.Location: Union Station Hotel, Autograph Collection Hotel Address: 1001 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 Hotel Telephone: (615) 726-1001 Join your peers by registering now.This session will cover items such as Encrypting your data, Using digital certificates to sign all of your sites, Implementing DLP and auditing, Implementing a removable media policy, Securing websites against MITM and malware infections, Best spam filters to use on email servers, Using a comprehensive endpoint security solution, Network-based security hardware and software, Maintaining security patches, and of course Educating your users.