While the Austalian NRS wrapped up for 2014 the NZ season was only really just kicking off for the summer.I came home late October and gave myself a few easy days before tackling the K2 Classic AND the Tour of Southland which started the following day.If you didn’t get it, it’s because I don’t have your email address. A good chance to buy a kayak from the land of multisport paddling.

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Although a lap of the Corromandel is never easy, having raced two 7 hour races across the ditch in the past month made the 5.5 hour K2 a lot less daunting.

Five hours into the race I rode away from my opposition for a very satisfying solo win.

Congrats to all who have supported the Series with 12 races over the last 7 months, you are making the Welly Paddlers Series very well known in our Region, around the Country and also around the World thanks to the Internet you also provide a great viewing to the public around the greater Wellington Area and I’m sure you all inspire others to get out and have ago as well……….that’s what racing in numbers does, it creates a great spectacle and you all get noticed.

I sent this email to my multisport friends in Sweden the other day.

But for now, more than happy being back on home soil, enjoying summer with the company of family and friends.

i was born in the pacific ocean, under southern skies, somewhere in the wilds of new zealand.

This is my fourteenth, and probably final blog for the year, maybe forever.

Although it’s been three months since the last post I’ve done some maths and 14 posts means I’ve averaged more than one per month, which if I remember correctly was my target when I started in January.

The next day I was on the worst flight of my life bound for Invercargill. When we landed the flight attendant was given a round of applause for her performance, collecting sick bags and distributing baby wipes non-stop without injuring herself. A few hours after landing, I was on my bike racing in freezing rain contemplating seven relentless days ahead on the roads of Southland.

Try to imagine jumping on a trampoline for an hour. For the Tour of Southland I was racing for a Christchuch based team named Total POS Solutions. Coming off K2 I knew I’d be starting the tour tired so didn’t have high expectations of myself.

This is standard for all kayaks that paddle the Waimak River for Coast to Coast.