An amateur looking site will not attract many users and may also instil a sense of distrust among potential members.

If you’re planning to charge a monthly subscription, it’s worth offering a free trial for the first few users.

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While all you physically need is a computer, understanding software and website building (or working with someone who does) is paramount to the success of the business.

In truth, the construction of the website or app will probably require support from an experienced web builder and you may also need to outsource core functions such as e-commerce, instant messaging, moderation and spam detection.

With a busy market you’ll need a clear USP and a realistic revenue model.

Plus, due to the obvious sensitive nature of dating, huge emphasis must be placed on a professional, secure and transparent product.

But, if you’ve think you’ve got an idea that could take the modern dating world by storm, there’s still plenty of opportunities to set up a successful online dating site.

Read our five simple steps to start your love affair with online dating now.

Allow people to express themselves and don’t judge.

Word-of-mouth will be crucial for attracting members so it’s important to create an app or site that people will want to encourage their friends to join.

While no doubt people’s profiles will show them in a confident light, many might be nervous first-time users or people hurt from previous bad experiences.

Create a welcoming, user-friendly environment that makes online dating a fun experience.

Julian Keenaghan is the founder of one such niche site, Tastebuds, which matches up users according to their music tastes.