So, we must go back with our tail between our legs and try to get our besties back when we need them most.

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Try to help your loved one understand that you’re doing this because you care about and want to support him or her.

You’re not doing this to be mean or spiteful; you want him or her to overcome OCD.

And remember that taking care of your own physical and psychological needs is critical to being able to help your loved one.

Saying “No” Effectively Creating Boundaries Taking Care of Yourself Community Q&A If you're a people pleaser, then you probably tend to put other people’s needs ahead of your own.

Rather, life is a balancing act and it is important to make time for all the people who matter in your life not just the one who you are sleeping with.

I was chatting with a close friend recently about an old friend of ours who no longer has time for her gal pals because she is either too busy with her boyfriend or wants to leave nights open “in case he wants to hang out.” This is a huge problem and is sadly common among women.The girl I am speaking of is one of those women who makes herself accommodating.She has so much potential and is a really cool person, yet she opts to degrade herself and cast good friends aside for the sake of a man which gives all of us women a bad name.It has happened to most of us I’m sure so it is a well known fact that when taken too seriously relationships can ruin friendships.There are catch phrases like “bros before hos” or “chicks before dicks” but these give the impression that relationships are bad thing to be avoided which is not the case.It’s a “roadmap” you follow when you agree to work together as a team to fight OCD.