They understand that the potential to embarrass someone can go viral very quickly with devastating results to the victim.Uploading embarrassing videos to popular video and social media/networking sites seems to be one of the favorite methods used by the majority of cyberbullies.Teen dating violence and Adult dating violence is a pattern of behavior that includes physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse used by one person in a close intimate relationship to exert power and control over another.

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Deana's Educational Theater Company is a nonprofit organization that offers interactive performance-based presentations covering current issues of dating violence, bullying, cyber bullying, sexual coercion, harassment and respect.

We address these subject matters in a setting where students, military personnel and communities can ask the hard questions and get honest answers.

All of our performances and programs are created to prevent bullying, cyber bullying, teen dating violence, adult dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.

These performances take place in a multitude of venues such as schools, colleges, outreach and community centers, military facilities and churches.

Audience Age: Grades 4-8 Audience Size: Max 300 The Bus Stop brings students face-to-face with an emotionally charged situation involving bullying and cyberbullying that students are all too familiar with.

Dramatic segments and direct audience interaction reveal exactly how this situation got out-of-control and what can be done to turn it around when students are confronted by bullying behaviors amongst their friends .Audience Age: Grades 6-8 Audience Size: Max 300 Girl Chat explores the relationship of three adolescent girls presenting a clear picture of girl bullying when Tina the “Queen Bee” launches into a campaign of verbal and emotional abuse against Beth.This play highlights the role that bystanders play in bullying situations, both as positive and negative influences and encourages healthy dialogue about friendships.There are 9 plays for audiences from Grade 1 through College with presentations for military and communities also available.Deana's Educational Theater Company has been active for the past 23 years.It bridges the gap to tough subjects like respecting boundaries, empathy, and excluding people based on differences.