It is only when he begins to imagine a woman as submissive will he be satisfied.

Ideologies of gender also affect a man's perception of women.

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Men date women, arguably, who reflect themselves and satisfy their ideals of what a woman should be.

That is why it is fairly common for men to date women with the same educational or professional background, for instance.

It goes without saying that smart men find smart women attractive or that employed men would also want their partner to be professionally employed as well.

He tries every attempt to align her perception of herself with his own ideals of what a woman should be.

To be sure, it is not easy to keep this myth alive and man must make every effort to ensure that the woman does not break free his grasp.

A man who is uncertain about his worth belittles others so that he may feel as if he were strong.

Only a man who is anxious to prove himself would treat women as if they were lesser beings.

It is because a man who loves the weak is weak himself.