Ella, según trascendió, le dijo al asesino que los alumnos “estaban en clase de gimnasia” y que el aula estaba vacía.

Luego se abalanzó sobre él pero fue abatida por las balas.

On August 30, 1979, postal regulations concerning the philanthropic distribution of Santa letters were broadened to include not only letters to Santa Claus but also to the Easter Rabbit, Mother Nature, or similar addresses (Postal Bulletin 21206).

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Long Island Single Sailors Association (LISSA) is a boating singles group that has been around for 25 years.

Por lo sucedido, la afirmación no es una exageración.

La familia de Vicky, como era conocida por sus amigos y parientes, dice que “el dolor se consuela al saber que ella tuvo un comportamiento tan valiente”.

(mx).- En medio del drama por el asesinato de 27 personas en una escuela de Connecticut, la historia de una heroína dio otra dimensión a la tragedia.

De acuerdo con testimonios, Soto se dio cuenta inmediatamente de que alguien estaba disparando indiscriminadamente a la gente en el salón de al lado.

-First Lieutenant Pedro Del Valle, the first Latino to reach the rank of Lieutenant General in the Marine Corps, commanded the Marine detachment on board the USS Texas (BB-35) in the North Atlantic during World War I.

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With only two days until Christmas and in a rush of organized activity, donations were taken, gifts purchased, and agreement obtained from the girls somewhat embarrassed mother for a Christmas Eve surprise. Postmaster General Meyer has multiplied the delights of childhood . An article in the December 5, 1908, issue of the philanthropic journal Charities and the Commons noted that the number of Santa letters at the New York Post Office had increased more than 13-fold following Meyers 1907 announcement, that charities had not had enough time to investigate the letters, and that some presents had fallen into undeserving hands.