The Commission retired for the evening, not only alive, but refreshed from our evening in Sicily.Praskoveya Winery, Stavropol Region Praskoveya Winery is located near Budyonnovsk in Stavropol region, a not particularly grape-friendly area due to hot, dry summers and cold winters.

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We pared off slices from the large, boomerang shaped 15kg block of Ragusano; its intense, aromatic, and sharp taste had our panel returning for more throughout the wine tasting.

While we waited for stragglers, we tried the We quickly went through the whites, which were primarily Chardonnay or Chardonnay and Inzolio, an aromatic domestic variety.

The Commissions scores correlated well with the Parker numbers.

We also visted Stockmann, Sedmoi Kontinent, and Azbuka Vkusa.

We topped these off with a Niebaum-Coppola Diamond Chardonnay.

OK, this is a California wine; but I couldnt resist including a Francis Ford Coppola production.

The Greeks followed between the Eighth and Third centuries BC when they were also settling along the Russian and Crimean Black Sea coasts.

It is not difficult to imagine that wine may have been part of Sicilys culture even then, as it was on the Black Sea.

However, the market pressures that have kept prices low in Western markets are not present in Russia, hence relatively high prices.

I was disappointed that we could not find Calatrasi wines; though I know they are being imported I have yet to find them in Moscow.

We again made the rounds of the wine boutiques in and around Kutuzovsky to purchase the Sicilians for this panel, but this time we took along a Robert Parker list to see if we could score some high numbers.