It happens every day every where in Aleppo, but you could mostly say secretly.Except when you go to Armani/Christian areas where the situation is way better.But in the city, open mindedness definitely concurs. You might find my examples irrelevant, but to make sense out of this, girl's attire says loads about her mentality in Syria.

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Even the law treats couples inside a car as if they were in a house, it isn't allowed for a cop to interfere with couples kissing inside a car unless it is loud and/or obscene.

And premarital sex is legal unless there is evidence for prostitution (money). I will list the cities I know about, because trust me, you can't brush all Syria with one brush, whenever I visited a city I was amazed.

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In Damascus, as a capital, every culture exists there.

You can literally see Saudi-like Burka families in a few neighborhoods in Damascus, and European-style ones with a distance of 5 km between them. So if you go to the classy neighborhoods in Damascus, especially Christian ones, it is fine to date a girl, but mentioning sex openly isn't 100% OK.

Thanks for the A2AThe part of Syria HIGHLY matters! And I think I'm qualified to answer your question even more than a Syrian person.