Lucky and the rest of the truck owners are sentenced to perform community service for ruining the field, with the redneck saying that he has insurance money to make the experience less aggravating before mentioning that he is called Lucky for another reason.Suddenly, Luanne comes by and tells him that the Arlen High team will go to the state to compete against Danton, where Lucky notes to his friend that he has her with him.

Meawhile, Luanne starts dating Lucky, who first appeared in the episode "Redneck on Rainey Street." Peggy is dismayed and is afraid Luanne will go back to the chaotic life she had back with her dysfunctional mother. Although Hank manages to save Smitty from losing his job, the senile groundskeeper receives so much praise that his ego inflates to dangerous levels.

He is convinced that he is "The Wizard" and that the field repairs itself.

Care-Takin' Care of Business is the one hundred-eightieth episode of King of the Hill. The episode was written by Dan Mc Grath, and directed by Cyndi Tang-Loveland.

At the Arlen High football field, the teams discover that the field has been poorly maintained due to the groundskeeper doing a bad job at it since he's a senile old man who can't do the job anymore.

At times, and even as I write this, I've been quite broke. If we've been dating a bit, I'm honest that I'm struggling, and will even mention a specific need that I might be struggling with. If the latter is the case, then you should reassess your expectations from him and the relationship.

I've dated guys who cared that I've been struggling, and those who did not care at all. Cheers, "Lisa" (not her real name) Hi Mimi, It was not too long ago that I was unemployed, so it felt I should give my two cents.

Being quite caring and concerned he told me that he didn't not want to be nosey about my financials, but asked if I had money saved and would be okay to pay my bills etc.

This was his way of offering and although I was just getting by and needed to tap into my savings, there was no way I could see myself accepting money from him, even as a loan, so early on.

I want to ask if it's okay to ask my boyfriend for money? Bottom line: just because we have a guy in our lives, we should not ever expect him to help us out, and should not be upset with him if he doesn't. We dated for 2.5 years, and even throughout that time, I knew I wasn't going to marry him. We all know that sometimes men need to be told what you need from them.

Just do your darnedest to pound the pavement and get a job! A good man who loves you would be happy to support you in your times of need, it would be one way of showing his love.

When he spots Lucky leaving a dirt trail on his lawn, he gets an idea.