*Do you have a relationship/dating question I can help with? In a long, committed relationship; the couple are going through some confusion as to what they really want.Before him, I dated non-seriously, but he is my first love and my first really serious relationship.

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There have been no serious marriage talks, engagements, or proposals yet, but once I did mention this want to him before and it kind of hurt him, because it made him feel sick to his stomach to imagine me with anyone else but him.

For some reason I thought that he, being a guy, would want the same thing and to experiment/be free a bit before settling down, but I assumed wrong.

That said, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t date around and experience being single again — after all, maybe you aren’t ready to stop acting on your curiosity.

But I’m suggesting you proceed with caution and understand that by agreeing to date other people, your relationship as you know it will never be the same.

People in these kind of relationships seldom get back together after taking a break.1.

guy/girl: "I really do care about you, but we've grown apart and I don't know if I'm in love with you anymore.but then again like I said I don’t want to have any doubts.— Wondering Is it “wrong” or “bad” for you to want to date around before settling down with your boyfriend? I’d say it’s pretty understandable given your young age and relative lack of dating experience.I am 24 years old and currently in a committed, loving, happy relationship.My boyfriend of 2.5 years is cute, sexy, kind, intelligent, AND we are so compatible that we barely fight; we are really really good together.Taking a break without answering these questions first can be more painful than actually breaking up.