After trying to solve our problems with an open relationship (and failing miserably at that), my former partner and I decided to make things even more complicated by taking a "break." Undecided about our future, we entered that limbo between not-done-yet and done-for-good.We wanted different things at that moment (specifically, he wanted to see other people), but we both hoped to want the same things in the near future.

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Taking a break in a relationship and dating other people girls dating profiles

I can almost guarantee that this is one huge step in the direction of a toxic, on-again/off-again relationship.

Unhappiness and another future break are inevitable.

The longer we stay apart, the less sure I am about whether we're meant to be.

If this break has taught me anything, it's to embrace uncertainty.

It's really a test to see if you should be trying to move on in the first place.

The hardest part of a break is, by far, cutting off communication with each other.I'm highly impatient, and extremely stubborn, while he is the kind of guy who revels in taking things as they come, handling life on a day-by-day basis. It was an even more perfect way to sum up the entirety of my feelings as well as how I was going to move forward, without having to look him in his stupid attractive face while doing so (but, you know, in a nicer way).I wrote to him that no matter what happened, I would think positively of him.until your issues come sneaking back in and everything goes back to how it was before, except maybe worse.Before you know it, you're miserable and on another break.Source: Shutter Stock The solution to all of the uncertainty that comes with breaks might seem to be a set of strict rules for both of you to follow. Obviously, one or both of you are feeling confused about your feelings - and breaks aren't any less complicated. Source: Shutter Stock If you and your BF have been fighting a lot, the solution is not to take a break and have time apart.