Perhapes one of best performances ever In a comic book movies.The S&M overtunes to Catwoman has never be stronger than In Batman Returns. And Michelle as Catwoman Is one of greatest screen Dominatrixs ever.

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''Clearly Batman Returns is not meant for 5-year-olds.

As for whether it's appropriate to Happy Meals, that's up to Mc Donald's.

I know for a fact my parents weren't angry because I had all of the action figures and they let me watch it when it started airing on pay TV.

Back then I worked every other weekend, and a friend called me at Saturday just when I've taken the subway all the way home (an hour from door to door back then).

The scenes of her and Batman on rooftop after department store Is blown up and holding Batman down and licking his face are among sexiest scenes ever.

Michael Uslan remarked Batman returns was tribute to 1990's era of Comic books. And there Is precent for depection of catwomn and some other mages used In film. I think on one of the DVD extras in one of the interviews I can't remember who summarized it best but this person said that Batman '89 was a standard "summer popcorn film" and that BR was more of a "Tim Burton film".

It's rated PG-13, but who's buying the action toys?

Not 13-year-olds.'' The Los Angeles Times published letters that protested ''one violent image after another.'' ''Has Mc Donald's no conscience? Meanwhile, the Michigan-based Dove Foundation, a nonsectarian Christian organization, has protested the Mc Donald's Happy Meal promotion, designed for children 1 to 10.

'' This caused Mc Donald's to claim that the Batman Returns toys they were selling were not promotion for the movie at all.

Mc Donald's spokeswoman Rebecca Caruso said, ''The objective of the (Happy Meal) program was to allow young people to experience the fun of Batman the character.

"Mc Donald's has historically had Happy Meal premium tie-ins with more benign films, like those of Disney," said Pat Broeske, a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly magazine.