The vast majority of Thai bar girls or prostitutes date or are in a relationship with a western man for the money.

For a large percentage of western men in Thailand, whether on vacation or living here, the only Thai girls they meet and date are bar girls from the local sex industry.

Some western men even marry Thai bar girls only to discover there are so many problems, they shouldn’t have.

In all the time I’ve lived in Thailand, I’ve only met one western guy who’s still happily married to his Thai ex-bar girl wife (and she’s a lovely girl, by the way).

The others I know are all either unhappily married with far too many problems, or separated or divorced from their Thai wives.

For Thai bar girls who come from poor backgrounds, they know that means if they marry a western guy there’s more chance he can help them and their family rise out of extreme poverty.

So, if you think your Thai bar girl is in the relationship for love, think again. Most Thai Bar Girls Have Other Men – Many western men come to Thailand on vacation, and meet and fall in love with a Thai bar girl.A lot of men do this then realize, months or years later, she’s not.Of course, there are exceptions to these pure generalizations about Thai bar girls, but they are few and far between.But, western men discover once dating or married to a Thai bar girl who’s had a poor education, they have little in common.The girl doesn’t know much about the world outside Thailand and would rather spend her time in front of soap operas or gossiping with her friends.In the west, western men also wouldn’t consider marrying a prostitute.