Enchanted by the humor and possibilities for the show, ABC green lit the project and ordered 7 half-hour episodes to test the viability of On the Air (1992).

As Twin Peaks declined in the ratings, the network lowered their expectations for On the Air until it was essentially dead on arrival.

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They're out of school and living on their own, but they aren't settled yet.

Basically it, the show usually airs very late at night due to it's mature subject matter, just when all the other channels are plugging in re-runs.

Mark follows Sam into the Brazilian jungle to retrieve the one-of-a-kind jeans that he needs... They've finished school and are living on their own, but they haven't settled down yet or... Report Errors / Submit Additional Information Do you love Asspocalypse Now, or do you think it is the worst cartoon ever?

(more) "The Dating Guy" is a comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city.

This short-lived TV sitcom at first glance might seem dissimilar enough from the rest of Lynch's body of work that some could be tempted to skip over it during an analysis of Lynch's career, but that would be a mistake.

A recurring late 50's and early 60's American motif can be found in nearly all of Lynch's work, and yet On the Air is his only project set during the period.

Produced by marblemedia and Entertainment One, the show also has a Gemini Award-winning tie-in website, with two web series: The Morning After Show, which discusses episodes of the main show, and Dr.

Love, which features an indepth look at dating; The Dating Guy has also been criticized for allegedly being a ripoff of the webcomic Least I Could Do, which was reportedly submitted to Teletoon to create an animated series that did not come to fruition.

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The Score: 8 out 10 David Lynch and Mark Frost gained considerable credibility during the early runaway success of Twin Peaks (1990-91), leading the network to explore ideas for another program.