As with many restaurants in Little Italy, there is valet parking. Running Time of show: two hours, with one intermission.plays through February 15, 2015 at Epic Productions, Inc. Before retiring as a Director of Activities in several senior facilities, she was responsible for writing, editing and publishing several house newspapers.

The music direction by David Terriault was soundly professional, and the singing outstanding. There was an actual tango “The Marriage Tango” and they did not do a tango. It was not a bad evening of theatre for an outdated slightly macho vision of couples and coupling.

One wonders why we need a re-mount of a second rate off-Broadway play when there are so many great shows written in this country.

Levey hits just the right chords in “The Very First Dating Video of Rose Ritz.” John Dellaporta and Emily Levey have fantastic chemistry in “A Stud and a Babe” exposing the real thoughts of average people when they are first dating. Dellaporta also deftly characterizes all new fathers in “Whatever Happened to Baby’s Parents? Levey gives a standout portrayal in, “The Lasagna Incident.” All four were hilarious, playing parents, child and ex-girlfriend, in “Now the Parents”.

(All the Scenes are titled with such unusual names that you can’t wait to find out what they mean).

” and keeps meandering down the many cul de sacs of the journey to find it.

is so masterfully done that you become so absorbed in the stories and vignettes sung and acted by a terrific cast.The performers were really fine and worth the trip.But the desperateness of the female characters was really dated. “Always a Bridesmaid” was a Country-Western tour de force and Stefi Di Domenicantonio really delivered, and as my companion noticed “she used the whole stage.” In the rest of the scenes, action was confined and rigidly kept in one tiny area after another.Epic Productions is a non-profit theatre company that plans to perform in the Baltimore suburbs, and as Mr.Jennings told me, they will be “nomadic” until they get enough funding for a permanent home.I want to also mention the excellent musical direction by Charlotte Evans.