However, the complainant assured to give him Rs 10,000, and paid him.

Immediately after this, his partner fled along with the policeman.

The police is now searching for the man who contacted the complainant on the dating portal as well as the person who posed as a policeman.

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“It made the complainant realise that the partner was also involved in the fraud as he later stopped communicating with him,” said a police official.

Officials suspect that both the accused were working hand-in-glove and have cheated other people too in the past.

It is the fear of being unattractive due to the virus, the fear of facing a life of being single – without children and grandchildren, and the fear of being a misfit.

Beyond that, it is the fear of suddenly being confronted by and involved with something that has up to then been associated with others.

With a monthly fee of EUR 39.90 you will have spent EUR You could argue that 5 million users is overestimated.

Only paying users should be considered because the usability for non-paying users is reduced substantially after a trial period.

These posters by, who claims to be the largest online meeting point for singles in Germany, can be found everywhere these days: Every 11 minutes a single using their website falls in love, they claim.

The number is based on a consumer survey from 2013 and should probably suggest that your chances of finding your life partner online is very high.

If your not extremely altruistic you should not care about others falling in love (except of your prospective life partner, of course) but rather about you falling in love. Researchers from the RWI Essen, a German economic research institute, even called it the “non-statistic of the month”.