I think as you move up the list there's obviously a few who are questionable. I've said it pretty frequently that there's three people who tend to get air-time on a show like this.Tara has mentioned that she wants to be on You were labelled as a villain on the show. The girl who wins; the girl who gets her heartbroken and the villain. So did you go on the show wanting to be the villain, wanting to find love or did you get there and think he's not for me? I got there and I was definitely disappointed that it was Matty on the red carpet. It was definitely a slow burn there was no initial spark.

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Matty whisks one Bachelorette away for a spot of wakeboarding. Later, Matty seeks out the truth at what will be an explosive & shocking cocktail party.

Two bachelorettes find themselves on a dreaded double date.

Now the tables have turned and it is Matty J’s turn to hand out roses and ultimately meet the woman of his dreams, when he starts his very own journey to true love on The Bachelor Australia. International Television Production for Network Ten based on the format created by Mike Fleiss and distributed by Warner Bros.

A hectic influx of rumours surrounding Matty J’s love life have been pelting the Australian public - we’re not just talking about who he ultimately chooses on The Bachelor - we’re also talking about rumours he’s dating Sam Armytage, rumours he’s been dating Sophie Monk… In a bid to get to the bottom of it all, Nova’s Chrissie Swan spoke with the man himself to clear up a few things. Matty J reckons he was in Bondi over the weekend, not on a romantic getaway with the winner.

But over the past few days, there's been reports that Laura and Matty J met long before the first episode - with publications reporting the pair had even been on a few dates in Bondi, where they both live.

Now, Laura has put an end to the gossip, saying that while she'd crossed paths with Matty before, the pair had never met prior to the show.Swan is convinced the gorgeous former Hockeyroo, Elise Stacy, stands to get her heartbroken. So what did Matty say about the concept of breaking another person’s heart?Sydney-based jewellery designer Laura Bryne has been picked as a frontrunner from day one, with many of the contestants confirming they think she has a good chance of taking out the show.So that's when I decided that being the villain was the next best option and I just ran with it.Do you think if you did have a single date with Matty things would have been different, you may have felt a connection? Quite a few of us have a group chat and we check in with each other.JEN: Look, as dreamy as Matty is, I don't think he is the guy for me. I think there would have been an initial spark anyway. JEN: We'll probably go public in about three months. Leah and Monica are literally going to land in Sydney in the next few hours and I can not wait to see them. JEN: I'm back at work, I'm about to launch my bikini and lingerie label. Just basically head down bum up and riding the wave as it happens.