Díaz Reino After getting roles in several national and local commercials, as well as a coveted spot on and the wildly popular television show "The Dating Game," Tom signed a contract with Twentieth Century Fox - but God had other plans!

He was drafted into the United States Army in 1967 and served until 1973.

I work with exceptional kids, gang kids, deprived kids, enriched kids and they all have an astounding sense of entitlement.

They don't celebrate earning the privilege of driving at 16. There's a big difference." That's one of the biggest reasons Tom founded the popular youth program ,"Character Counts!

He held good grades in high school, and was asked to join the University of Southern California (USC) basketball team after graduation!

Even though he was skilled at the game, another area of study piqued his interest. Tom pursued this interest by entering into a nearby "playhouse." Facebook/Felipe D.

" - the nonprofit organization focuses on building ethics and developing working skills!

Facebook/The Legwarmers In a surprise to his friends, fans and the rest of the world, Tom married his longtime sweetheart and fellow stage actor, Jillie, in in 1987 during a secret ceremony!

It was the dream job Tom had been waiting his entire life for!

After a few speed bumps, including a writers' strike and a funding drought, the show took off and Tom was an instant American heart throb!

He signed on, and worked hard to learn the art of acting.

"I think, when I went to Fox, I was on my own with no frame of reference, no connection," said Selleck. I started at about thirty-five bucks a week, and every six months you either got fired or renewed.

And if one of us makes a decision involving Hannah, the other parent completely supports that position, even if you disagree." The family knows the value of a hard-earned dollar, too.