The screen-labeling department has been excelling this season to heights previously unknown.

In the meantime, Tony and Nicole find a bachelorette party and dive right in.

“I never expected to be in this position, standing over these kids while they drunk make out in a hot tub…I finished UCLA’s film program.” The boom mic operator and cameraman getting screen time are part of some changes in Real World edits that started last season.

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Madison wanders off from the roommates and finds some beach guys.

We know they are this because they are labeled on-screen as BEACH GUYS.

But Tony and Madison end up in the hot tub together.

This is a special moment because they are making out in a hot tub with a cameraman and a boom mic operator standing directly over them.

The house phone is a DJ setup in which you can video call someone and speak to them publicly on speaker or privately by putting on the DJ headphones. Jersey Shore Duck Telephone, you have been smoked as the best on TV.

Either way, in order to talk to them you have to talk into the DJ mic. Sylvia and Jason bet on a game of ping-pong even though Sylvia is not good at that game.They’re about to have a three-way kiss when a wannabe kissee jumps in making it a last-minute four-way kiss. Sylvia likes Bruno because he is close with his mom. His kisses are so intense that I am worried for Sylvia’s neck because part of his intense kissing is a face twisting, spine breaker move that would probably synch over the Mortal Kombat Scorpion “Get Over Here” audio perfectly.A four-way kiss is a great way to smash your nose into three people all at once. The way you can tell that he is close with his mom is because he makes a lot of jokes about having to sex and his mom laughs at them. Madison and Tony are the second set of potential lovers.Sometimes there are people that look athletic and are not.It is nice when this happens because there are also people who don’t look athletic but are so it is fair.A good season of the Real World is like falling in love.