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The publication notes that the Redskins might be leaning towards replacing their current starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins, as franchising the player will cost the team a huge amount of money.

Aside from the Washington Redskins, two other teams are rumored to be interested in a trade.

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Trade rumors have been surrounding Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans are apparently both considering signing Romo should the Cowboys decided to release him.

Reports say that chances are high that Romo will eventually be released by his Dallas team, especially with new starting quarterback Dak Prescott rapidly making a name for himself because of his talent.

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I got coach Jim Nantz teaching me all the tricks of the trade that I'm going to be behind on, but I'm improving fast.

Per King, the Texans were serious about Romo once he was granted his release by Dallas, but the Broncos were never really interested.