The dimensions of the 5310 are 5.64″ x 3.61″ x 0.79″.The top of the Maestro 5310 is where you will find the only button on the whole device.

trouble updating magellan miestro gps-23

The software is almost exactly the same as the Road Mate 1430. The only real difference is the Maestro 5310 has some extra AAA functionality to find restaurants and auto service centers.

Testing the performance of a GPS may not seem very difficult.

There are a lot of navigation systems available today.

As it has been said, "in the beginning" there were two primary systems.

So we need to dive a little deeper into the Maestro 5310 and see how this GPS is different than others.

Ease of use is one of the ways that this GPS excels.The only difference is that you can choose as many destinations as you want.Then, as you are on your trip, you can choose to route to any of the destinations in your list. Or have you had to print out pages and pages of maps just so you know where you are going? and Canada with about 6 million Points of Interest.With the Magellan Maestro 5310 you won’t have to worry about getting lost or printing maps anymore Real-time traffic is the ability for the GPS to download and display current traffic conditions for the roads you are driving. This is a fairly large screen, which is great for large cars where the GPS may be farther away. Say Where text-to-speech reads all the names of the points of interest, streets, addresses and everything else., all the way until it turns on and then some for about 15 seconds, now you just rebooted system. If not, it is possible there is a shorted circuit inside, then in that case, would have to be sent into Magellan to replace or repair. Then let go, and this is manually rebooting it, See if now it functions properly, Please let me know, and if fixed, then the 4 thumbs up for my solution with small comment is most appreciated.