Question 1: The first thing that I wanted to know is if you knew something of Peru before coming to here? We’ve already had very amazing fans that were somehow singing for us... That they really wait for us for days prior to the concerts, that they somehow stand outside the hotel and it’s definitely making us feel good even though we’re actually so far away from home. Erm, and I think between identical twins there is even more of a special connection that otherwise is hard to comprehend and grasp for an outsider.

Actually we always let ourselves be surprised a bit and erm, actually [we] came here without high expectations and are totally happy about the reaction so far. There have been girls who are waiting for you from Saturday where the concert will take place. And apart from that we can only repeatedly say thanks for even being given the opportunity to come here as a band and to play concerts here and [we] are incredibly grateful for the fans supporting us like this and somehow, erm, [that they] are so into it and especially for, for living this entire life with us, right? How of difficult is it to work together the whole day? I think, for us it would be weirder if we weren’t together because we, erm, have spent all our lives together of course. Erm, first of all basically everything is possible. Tom: *interrupting* Except for Georg, except for Georg.

Top Gun is one of those classic movies that we can’t help but love.

After the end of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, there’s been an influx of well made, good Batman costumes for the guys and Catwoman costumes for the gals, and frankly, we’re glad.

They’re a fantastic couple of kinda opposites but not so much, so we’re happy whenever geeky couples show them appreciation.

If you’d like to show up at a Halloween party looking like the geekiest couple, Avengers are the way to go.

The ladies won’t have much of a choice and will most likely default to Black Widow costumes with an option to go as Scarlet Witch, but the guys will get more choices with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawk Eye, and so on.

There’s like a 8:2 male to female ratio in that group anyways, so guys better appreciate the options.

Getting cheap costumes is all fine and good, but not really viable once you find an idea that really works, and nothing works quite as well as going as the most iconic evildoers in comic book history!

[cut off] Question 2: Speaking about the die for you! Well, first of all I’d wish for everyone to somehow have a nice concert, I think. Question 6: The fans die for you, are mad for you..peruvian fans have some possibility of having something with you or what requirements would they have to have to be able to be with someone of the boys of Tokio Hotel? Actually one doesn’t associate it with continents or countries.

And erm, yes, we’re looking forward to, we’re looking forward to playing for them then and I’m just wishing a good time to everyone. It really is something like, erm, yes, something very weird on some kind of a different level and erm...

Actually I grew up like that, that there have always been people that hated it and that there were other people that somehow liked it and somehow thought it was good. Of course the bigger part always thought it was sh*t and then there were a few people that liked it. Like, who knows, maybe Tom falls in love with a girl from the first row tonight and... Tom: For example in Brazil, I’ve had, erm, had a girl in the first row who, erm, erm, always flashed me when I looked at her and got completely undressed.

So therefore working together is not an issue for us. Question 4: Bill, you were a lot of time fighting against the prejudices that existed for your image, your look... After all I also went to school like this and it was always obvious to me that of course people would feel provoked by it, erm, and that also was always a feeling that I liked somehow and therefore...

so why not dress pilot style and have some fun with it? The Adams Family will live forever in pop culture, and that’s why dressing up as the two lead characters will always be so much fun.