I went on a great first date with a guy who approached me, got my number, asked me out, etc. I think he may be playing a game or just be a wimp. Dear Still Waiting, You might be surprised by this, but I think you were a little hard on him.

BTW he asked me out FOUR times before I was available so he definitely pursued. When a man waits three days to connect after a first date – that is the “Three Day Rule” which has been the male standard for when to call after a first date.

We are by no means "put together." We have no idea where we are going, what we want or what we are going to do when we get there. I’m not talking about the rules your parents made for you when you were 15 and screaming at your mom to let you sleepover at your boyfriend’s house.

Men Need Positive Feedback Too Another point about this situation is sometimes men look for positive feedback from the woman.

You chose not to respond to his casual text which was your choice of course.

He didn’t text me for EXACTLY 3 days (I’m talking 72 hours to the dot) after the first date. It was an annoyingly casual text, too – “Are you watching the XYZ Basketball game? On the other hand, for the first few weeks I dated my husband he only called me once a week and we only saw each other once a week.

He did make a second date at the end of the first, but waited 4-5 days to call.

Then tell him you had fun and mention something you are doing. You never know, a little encouragement could bring him back.

I am a big believer in letting the man lead and not chasing men.It makes you seem warm, positive and willing to share a small degree of vulnerability which is very sexy and feminine to be honest with you.It’s Not Too Late to Text Him Back You may be out of his league, but now that’s true for different reason. You can still text him back and say how you somehow missed seeing it.You don’t need to say much; just keep it light and simple.Respond to his comment on the game and then you can say you had a good time. That doesn’t make you over eager, too enthusiastic or desperate.But, by not answering, what were you hoping to convey?