We are just beginning to learn what's possible when we harness the crowd in human-computer interaction.

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The times in the schedule below are tentative, depending on exactly when CHI schedules the refreshment breaks in the morning and afternoon.

As with previous years, workshop attendees are required to register for at least one day of the full CHI conference, in addition to paying a fee for the workshop.

The city is proud of its reputation for hard work and craftsmanship, well earned by its highly skilled, trained labour force.

Jerome's offers its students a wide range of courses informed by the latest scholarly research and supports their educational efforts with academic counselling, scholarships and bursaries, administrative services, library resources, information technology, and residences. Jerome's is also the centre for a vibrant Catholic community serving the campus and the region. Jerome's University, is a vibrant, dynamic community, solidly rooted to the past, entrepreneurial and leading-edge today, strongly committed to the future.

Conference rates can be found on the CHI 2011 web site.

Only those who have had position papers accepted can attend the workshop.This one-day workshop will bring together researchers within and beyond the CHI community who have demonstrated interest in crowdsourcing and human computation, in order to lay out a framework for continued innnovation.We aim to gather researchers who are: These deliverables will be posted on this web site and maintained going forward.About the course : he knows the material really well, but a tough grader.Get ready to hit the books :) No complaints about lectures, but the guy can be a bit of a pedant. INSANE amount of mathematics background required to deal with his questions. Very comical guy, he'd do some pretty elaborate things to be funny in class, which does make it more interesting. Knows cs and mathematics very well and explains concepts in a very clear way. Encourages active participation from class (sometimes "voluntolds" people) and answers questions patiently.