Then I had a sort of revelation during a recent weekend trip to Lowe’s with John.

Instead of picking out an entire new fixture, we could try just replacing the globes!

Updating a light fixture in a bathroom joy church speed dating

In our case, not only did the existing light lack a junction box.

but the fixture sat off center from the mirror because of a wall stud.

Okay, I’m just going to jump right in to today post because I’m anxious to get everyone’s thoughts…

So reason #3,508,237 why I love Pinterest is that you can get a little inside scoop on what other bloggers are getting ready to do.

The old globes sitting next to the new ones on the counter really show just how dingy they’ve gotten over the years.

We are definitely going to give them a good wipe down before donating them to our local Re Store (unless we have any locals who need a set of traditional light fixture glass! Here are the new ones in place and ready for our scrutiny!!!

So this one below is the front-runner: Ideally, I’d like to find globes that really aren’t globes as all – Something with straight straight straight lines with no curves at all.

Like the ones on this light fixture (which is well out of our price range at each – we need two): Oh well…I think I’m going to try Home Depot in the hopes that they have a more contemporary selection of globes before I pick up the grooved ones from Lowe’s.

The plan is to change the paint color, possibly add a chair railing (or something that LOOKS like a chair railing) and add some new art/accessories—and who knows maybe a new bathroom faucet! Not terrible, but could use a little love and a lotta bit of personality: Another big thing to update is the lighting.