Refer to man 5 and The GNU C Library Reference Manual for more details." Seems like another GNU weirdness, argh.

There used to be one way to do stuff, which made learning and administration easier.

3600000 A 1.12 ; End of File; @ IN SOA ourroot.private.

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Sounds like windows practices (don't care about others, everyone uses our stuff).

OS was installed two weeks ago and updated from karmic repositories.

The named IP address match list must be defined by an options ; logging ; include "/var/named/abc Zones.conf" // here are the names of the master files zone "cities.zn" ; zone "0.0.127." ; zone "" ; zone "com" ; zone "" ;.

Root server names are indicated in the NS record and addresses in the A record.

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Like other files, you can give it a name other than the name used in this manual. IN SOA com ( 1997071401 ; serial number (YYYYMMDD##) 10800 ; refresh every 3 hours 10800 ; retry every 3 hours 604800 ; expire after a week 86400 ) ; TTL of 1 day ; Name Servers 0.0.127. So long as you are internally consistent, you can name the zone data files anything you want. This flexibility can lead to some confusion when working at different sites or referring to different DNS manuals and books. Caution – The IP addresses and network numbers used in examples and code samples in this manual are for illustration purposes only. Some statements can contain a contain a block of statements. Do not use them as shown because they might have been assigned to an actual network or host. Again, each statement in the block is terminated with a semicolon. For example, Solaris Naming manuals use the generic name The configuration file specifies the type of server it is running on and the zones that it serves as a 'Master', 'Slave', or 'Stub'.