The block allowed its length and width to be modified using parameters and actions.We will use that block as a reference to explain how to add a dynamic attribute.When installing from Git, please note that starting from Media Wiki 1.26 this extension requires Composer.

We work with you to design and assemble your sub-assemblies, combining our over 50 years of experience to your designs.

We cater our value-added services to fit your needs.

We will attempt, as an example, to add a text that will show us the width of the steps in the escalator block.

To make things simpler, you can download the block here.

A full list of the extensions installed on a particular wiki can be seen on the wiki's Special: Version page.

For the past 50 years both OEMs and end-users have partnered with us for their assembly manufacturing needs.

We are UL-508 certified, should your assembly require it.

These are just a sample of the many customized services we provide.

We will see all the parameters of a dynamic block listed here, plus other properties such as layer, color, etc.

In this case I renamed the parameter "Distance" as "Width". Update: Make sure that the attribute is NOT set to constant, otherwise it will not update when beeing modified.

Wen we finish defining the attribute we simply exit the Block editor mode and insert a new instance of the block.