I downloaded that and figured I could just boot it and update the firmware, well not quite yet.

updating dell bios usb-70updating dell bios usb-5

Yes I found a Windows update package but it won’t run, it craps out with an “this update package is not compatible…” error.

So I figured why not try to download a bootable ISO that contains all the firmware for a Dell R610…. After another hour I figured out I needed to download the Dell Server Update Utility.

F2 shows in the System Information that there is no primary Hard Disk.

I first thought something was wrong with the SDD, so went back to the shop, they tested it (and were even so kind to format it), but still it does not get recognized by the Dell.

Followed by "No bootable devises--strike F1 to retry to boot, F2 for setup utility, Press F5 to run onboard diagnosics." I did all of this, nothing seems wrong.

I tried the different setting for SATA operation as well.

The shop mentioned that DELL is problematic with accepting SSD.

I also made the drive bootable, still it's not recognized.

If the process isn’t automated in some way, it can also take a lot of your time and a lot of downtime for that server. As the server is booting up, boot into the BIOS Boot Manager (press F11) and click on “BIOS Boot Menu”.